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Human Interest Blog Posts Tell a More Complete Story

Writing about yourself or telling your own story can be quite a task to undertake, It is especially tough to write about what you’re the closest to. Even if you think of yourself as good with communication, you probably will want a professional writer to help you with this process.


I’m here to make this easier for you. I can write a Human interest blog post that will bring just the right emotion into it and work with you to include the details in the story, in a style that fits you. No matter who you are and what your goals are for a blog post, I’ll ask you the right questions and start by providing you with an outline  so I shape the story the way that you want.


A Human Interest Blog post must have some important facts about the individual and bring about emotion.  It also needs to offer information that will make the reader come away with a greater understanding of the person. It’s a tool to give the reader an insider’s look into your background and either sway them to take a certain position or satisfy curiosity. If you’d like such a piece written about you, a client or someone else, contact me to start a discussion and you surely won’t regret it.


A Storytelling Blog can be a different matter entirely. If you have comical or heart-wrenching stories to tell about your everyday life, or want to inform friends and family about your travels in a fun and engaging way, this is ideal. I’ll take your details and spin them into a great Storytelling blog post (or a few) to suit your needs.