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About Me

Born in Kentucky, and with both my parents from Kentucky, I have deep roots in the state I left when I was very young and moved to Florida with my family.  I had a 40-year career in Washington, D.C. and returned to Florida where there are no long commutes or government timetables. As a blogger, writer, outdoor lover and photographer of nature, I'm doing my very best to enjoy the "REAL FLORIDA" and visit Kentucky frequently.

My blog is usually inspired by photos I've taken or life events.  Lately, I talk about the book I'm nearly ready to publish.  


If you subscribe to my blog, I'll share new ones once or twice each month.  If you select the "get in touch" button at the top of the page, you can communicate with me directly. 


Katherine Dudley Hoehn

photo of the best dog in the whole world named Leah, a mixed breed ginger colored brown eyed darling

Best rescue dog and writer's companion, Leah

About my book in progress

Filled with compelling stories of love, madcap adventures, tragedy, war, and humorous small town antics, the book takes place in Florida and Kentucky during the first half of the twentieth century.


A hybrid fiction-nonfiction-memoire, the yet unnamed book is about Katherine Carpenter, a strong woman who grew up in an era when daughters were not educated but married off, women primarily worked only in the home, letters were the main form of long distance communication, men were intentionally paid more than women for the same job, women rarely had their own money or bank accounts, and, until 1920, women could not vote.


In college, she was stricken with crippling arthritis that worsened with the stress of losing two parents and their home and leaving Florida to return to her Kentucky birthplace. Poised, serious, well dressed, demanding, a gracious hostess, an excellent communicator, and with a curious mind, she made a name for herself, despite her disease. She successfully executed a plan to get her sister married to the town’s most eligible bachelor then raised her nephew after her sister passed. Through challenges and adventures in unexpected motherhood, Katherine rises above expectations of those who diminish a handicapped spinster.

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