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  • Katherine Dudley Hoehn

Bosque Bello

Live oaks bow down in honor

Of those who have passed and

Whose memories are etched in stone

And become the spirits who inhabit the quiet space.

The dog statue stands ready

To serve its masters, also departed

In heaven they take endless effortless walks,

While those left behind still labor in their steps

Family and local history abounds, along with records

Of lives lived fully or taken too young.

Single stones in family plots were the first to go,

Temporarily alone while waiting for the others.

Grasshoppers and lizards climb the headstones,

Lizards having taken the lookout perches as their own.

Oblivious to the humans lying below who do not threaten

The creatures who keep them company.

A shady bench beacons visitors

Who rest a while, or meditate.

Tree roots upend headstones and create

An uneven path while slowly taking back the land.

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You captured a wide area of geography,history, and tradition with brevity and lovely photos. Very touching.

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